Work In Real Estate?

You Need A Virtual Assistant.


JVA has a wide variety of virtual assistants who have years of experience in supporting the real estate industry.

Real estate agents, and real estate investors operating in both personal and commercial real estate have discovered the incredible value and time savings of our services

Our virtual assistants are ready to assist you with everything from managing your busy schedule, to posting ads and updating your listings, to keeping your crowded inbox organized so you only have to deal with the important stuff.

Spend More Time Where It Counts

Realtors have so many areas they have to dedicate time to, it can be a serious juggling act for you to give each one the attention it needs.From marketing and promotion, to following up on leads and meeting with clients, to showings and closings, as a Realtor you have to choose where to spend your precious time carefully. Why spend it on mundane and repetitive tasks that could easily be delegated to a virtual assistant? Focus your time doing the things that have the greatest impact on your business, and leave the rest to us.

Get Administrative Support

Not only do daily administrative tasks take a lot of time, not everyone is an expert at them. Our VAs have years of experience in inbox management, scheduling, travel booking, event planning, research, doc prep, data entry and much more.

Keep Growing

To keep your real estate business growing and thriving, you need to have a strong online presence and stay on top of any potential leads that can come in from a variety of sources. Your JVA assistant can manage and maintain your social media, update and track your MLS listings, follow up with leads and potential buyers or sellers, assist you with presentations, and order your marketing materials.

Stay In Touch

Response times can often mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity, so don’t let voice messages and emails pile up! Have your JVA assistant check your voicemail regularly throughout the day, then they can send you the messages as an action item list that they can help you tackle. You can also give your virtual assistant template messages for commonly asked questions or frequently requested information from clients or prospective buyers and sellers. Then, those emails get responded to in record time without you even having to glance at them.

Go Beyond The Office

With your busy schedule

With your busy schedule, who has time for a personal life? Realtors don’t have a strictly 9 to 5 schedule, and working all hours often leads to personal needs falling through the cracks. Success in your business doesn’t have to mean chaos at home!


Let your JVA assistant support you with tasks like scheduling a haircut, ordering your Mom flowers for her birthday, and paying your bills.

The JVA Way

Have them remind you of special occasions, and research fun destinations for your next family vacation. Let them order your groceries online and keep the family calendar on track. Having your virtual assistant take care of both your work and personal schedules also ensures they already know not to book a showing during your daughter’s piano recital.


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From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

At Jnice Virtual Assistant Services, our goal is to reduce the number of routine office responsibilities that take away your time. By remotely providing professional administrative services, using the Internet for communication and development, our clients will have the opportunity to grow professionally, think of new strategies, new business opportunities and improve profitability. Not to mention, have the ability to share quality time with family and loved ones. We will provide our professional services based on integrity, confidentiality and efficiency. We will be taking a large volume of your work so that you can simplify tasks, organize and enjoy the success of your business

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