Content Optimization

The JVA Way

The goal for website content optimization is to better market and optimize your site so that it will rank well on all major search engines. Moreover, in time, your website has to maintain its relevance and improve these rankings in search engine algorithms. For any company seeking success through its online presence, content optimization is a necessity.


At JVA Services, the content optimization service is custom developed, based on your website’s specific needs. Our marketing experts, content optimization specialists and website content

writers work for your business to get the search engines’ attention, while providing useful and relevant information to your visitors.


Relevant keywords discovery and SEO content writing are the key website search optimization services that JVA Services focuses on.

Our content optimization process includes:

  • Keyword or key phrase discovery
  • Keyword or key phrase analysis
  • Keyword or key phrase density implementation
  • SEO content writing
  • Content and page structure implementation
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Website content management
  • Content maintenance and updates.

Our content optimization service can help you:

  • Obtain a high search engine ranking
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Become relevant to your prospects
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Optimize online advertising spend

Obstacle-Free Conversion Funnels

Identify and eradicate user hurdles, from all traffic sources. Fine-tune sign-up, registration and checkout processes by streamlining forms and removing unnecessary exit points, maximizing conversion rates.

Outclass Your Competition

What kind of experiences are our clients’ competitors offering that we aren’t? How do users interact with our clients’ brands versus our rivals? Across the conversion path (native site, Facebook page, email, paid ads), we understand how you stack-up and how you can improve.

Keep UX in Mind during Redesign

Site redesign can be perilous. We enable our clients to sleep easy with top-to-bottom consulting on information architecture, creative services, content optimization and strategy and other UX pain points. We’ll test into, and through, your redesign.