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When it comes to spending money, no matter what the product or service is, we all want the best value for our buck.

However, there are so many variables to consider when comparison shopping, it can quickly turn into a time consuming and overwhelming project.
At JVA, we train our virtual assistants in the most effective methods of researching products and services for comparison. We teach them how to consider all the variables, and narrow results based on your preference for the best personalized results.

Get The results you want

If comparing product prices was as simple as finding the least expensive option, it would be a much simpler task.  However, to truly get an apples to apples comparison, a more in-depth look is needed to determine if you are getting the best value for your dollar.  With your JVA assistant, not only does he/she perform/complete the assigned assigned, you can rely on their experience, reliability and adaptability to ensure each job is managed with professionalism, attention to detail and with the utmost care.

Get matters most to you

Your JVA assistant will within their power go above and beyond to ensure you obtain what matters to you most.  For example, if you need assistance to locate flights to Hawaii, anyone can easily plan the least expensive option.  Our JVA Assistants will ensure that every aspect of your travel plans will take into consideration cost, non-stop vs. layover flights, desired seating, travel to and from airport, etc. Let JVA be your personal travel agent.

Getting specific results eliminates decision fatigue

It’s a fact that having too many options can lead to difficulty in making a choice. Your JVA assistant will narrow down your options to the top few that best match your criteria so your options are clear, and you aren’t overwhelmed.

Taking The Next Step

We are here to help

Our JVA Assistants are happy to assist you with your projects, no matter how big or how small they are. 

Roadmap planning

Provide JVA Assistants any task and we will ensure it is completed by your assigned deadline; we even pride ourselves in completing it before the deadline.


Your JVA assistant is here to execute any task, project, booking, etc.  Get more than results, get things done!


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Make Your Own Opportunities

At Jnice Virtual Assistant Services, our goal is to reduce the number of routine office responsibilities that take away your time. By remotely providing professional administrative services, using the Internet for communication and development, our clients will have the opportunity to grow professionally, think of new strategies, new business opportunities and improve profitability. Not to mention, have the ability to share quality time with family and loved ones. We will provide our professional services based on integrity, confidentiality and efficiency. We will be taking a large volume of your work so that you can simplify tasks, organize and enjoy the success of your business

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