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Small businesses have a unique set of needs when it comes to business support services.

That’s because, unlike big corporations that have whole departments of people dedicated to marketing, social media management, sales, customer service etc., it’s just a few people (or in some cases, one person) wearing all the hats!

Fortunately, we make more options available to small businesses than ever before, with the added benefit of being highly customizable.

Know the Value of Your Time

Reserve your time for the areas of your business that have the most value, and let a JVA Virtual Assistant handle the rest.

Stay Flexible

Whether it’s a slow season that means cutting back on hours, and spending, or there’s a new product launch that requires more manpower, and access to specialized resources.

JVA small business support services

you’ll always have the option to upgrade to a plan with more hours or downgrade to a plan with less hours and add additional users to the plan


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Tell Us What You Need

We’d love to work with different types of businesses and we know that you have unique needs. Let us know your specific requirements and we’ll provide the best virtual assistant (VA) for you and your business!

Meet & Approve Your Assistant

Considering your requirements, we’ll then match you with a premium virtual assistant. We want to make sure that you have great rapport and confidence in the VA that you’ll be working with.

Launch & Track

Once you’ve signed up, it’s time for your VA to be familiar with your business. He or she will have to learn what you need, the schedule and workload, the tools that should be used, and more.


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Make Your Own Opportunities

At Jnice Virtual Assistant Services, our goal is to reduce the number of routine office responsibilities that take away your time. By remotely providing professional administrative services, using the Internet for communication and development, our clients will have the opportunity to grow professionally, think of new strategies, new business opportunities and improve profitability. Not to mention, have the ability to share quality time with family and loved ones. We will provide our professional services based on integrity, confidentiality and efficiency. We will be taking a large volume of your work so that you can simplify tasks, organize and enjoy the success of your business

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