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We love being a virtual assistant to anyone who needs help in their lives. Work. Life. Balanced.Virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, professionals, small teams, and individuals.
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Your inbox is overflowing, your appointments are a mess, you have travel that needs booked, and your “to do” list is endless. VA’s have all of the skills to handle both your work and personal needs, and can start relieving your stress immediately.

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We do all sorts of VA stuff and our key services are below.



JVA’s are always available and our prices are very competitive.



At JVA, we hire US-based, detail-oriented people who strive to provide our clients with the best assistance on the planet. All Virtual Assistants go through a rigorous, multi-step vetting process that tests everything from their communication and tech skills to their creativity and resourcefulness. Thousands apply, but only the best of the best get to call themselves VA’s.


That’s where we come in. JVA allows you to streamline everything in work and in life, allowing you the time to work on the things that matter most to you and your business. We give you laser precision to focus on the big picture while we take care of the details. Our Virtual Assistants can take care of nearly anything, from paying bills, booking travel or even take care of some online shopping. As a JVA client, you’ll work with a smart, capable, college educated and dedicated Virtual Assistant who works remotely from our Offshore location or right here in the USA. Just delegate and consider it done.

Timeslot bookings are taken up to 1 week in advance. 


Get your business and personal life organized. JVA provides US-Based, college educated virtual assistants to busy people everywhere


Our virtual assistants have years of experience in calendar management, and are trained on the most effective methods for fast, error-free scheduling.


At JVA, our virtual assistants go way beyond administrative tasks by supporting you as a personal assistant. We hire VA’s with years of experience in personal assistant services


Efficient and accurate account handling. At JVA our virtual assistants can support you with creating business invoices, sending them, following up on any that are past due, and keeping everything organized


our JVA assistants are ready to support you with years of experience in a variety of business research services.


we do lots of things but some are better than others so check them all out and see what you like.

Hi, my name is Sloofey and i’m a VA

Fast, efficient and ready to assist you and your business today.

Ms. Allison

Ms. Allison

Virtual Assistant

I am a virtual assistant able to do anything that is asked of. Your life is about to get crazy easy and you will have almost 100% freetime while i run your business from a laptop on the beach. I have a 1st class honours degree in Virtual Assistanting too.

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Check out these prices which are totally insane.

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See what some of our clients thing of the Jnice virtual assitants.

Best VA You can buy

“These are the best virtual assistants in the business, so do yourself a favour and hire them today so you can go and play golf all day while they run your business for you.”

These guys are just awesome

“These are the best virtual assistants in the business, so do yourself a favor and hire JVA.”

I love JVA

“These are the best virtual assistants in the business, so do yourself a favour and hire them today so you can go and play golf all day while they run your business for you.”

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Got questions about your Virtual Assistant?

If your question isn’t answered in out F.A.Q. below please give us a call.

What is a VA
Virtual Assistants consists of individuals as well as companies who work remotely as an independent professional, providing a wide range of products and services both to businesses as well as consumers.
What choose JVA
JVA Virtual Assistants is a PU.S.-based virtual assistance company catering to businesses and companies all over the world. Our dynamic and competent team is a mix of experienced and young VAs specializing in executive assistance, marketing support, and digital project management. We provide managed services, substitute VA arrangements, and a creative team ready to provide specialized services such as copywriting and web design. Our VAs are screened thoroughly and trained extensively. Being in the business for nearly a decade has earned us the reputation of being one of the most reliable VA firms in the U.S.. We have helped business owners streamline their tasks and processes, allowing them to focus on their core business and pursue their passions. We take pride in our commitment to provide jobs to fellow Filipinos while showcasing our world-class skills, dedication, and hard work.
How many hours can I buy?
You can retain JVA hourly (As Needed) or prepay to save money. A block of 20 Hours is billed at $50 an HR. You can also Retain us Monthly with 40 Hours Per Month
Can JVA Accept Deposits
Yes you have the option to pay a deposit on Projects. Remaining balance is due once the project is completed
Can I cancel at anytime
If you Prepay for a block of hours or a monthly retainer, what ever money is not used would be refunded at a pro-rata basis
Can JVA help with Students?

Yes. We offer many competitive packages for students

What your turn around time?
Depending on the Tasks that are being asked of JVA the turn around time depends on the description. Usually Projects and tasks can usually take up to 2 weeks.
Does JVA Outsource?

No. All of our VA’s are employed by JVA.

Can I work at JVA?

JVA is always looking for new talent. We have been growing at a rapid rate. Visit our Employment Opportunities section

Can I Hire JVA Full Time?
JVA Services has Monthly Retainers starting with 40 Hours a month.
Is JVA Reliable?

Yes. We ensure that every VA is prompt with assignments and that they submit all work prior to assigned deadlines.

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Phone: (800) 857-0922
Email: info@jniceva.com
Postal: PO Box 898 Miller Place NY 11764.
Skype: jniceva
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